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About us – We prad tutorials provide you with the quality of education and offer you the ever-evolving future of work. Our curated collection of top-rated tutorials helps professions, students, and organizations to enhance their knowledge. Prad tutorials help you to learn new skills at your own pace from the comfort zone. Our enthusiastic professionals work their way and add fresh tutorials to our repository. We proudly flaunt allied blogs and free tutorials on java, python, selenium, data science, C#, Hadoop, big data, quality assurance, software testing, data science, database, digital marketing, and more. Our aim is to encourage and educate readers to acquire as many skills as they would like to. We won’t force our readers either to sign up or submit their details. There are no preconditions, so you can learn easily.


It seems difficult to clarify the doubts; by considering this we offer free tutorials for your convenience. Our vision is to help professionals and students with trending technologies by providing free tutorials. While our strong resource provides free education for all and encourages people with fun learning.


Our mission is to ensure excellence by providing the right resources and encourage pupils to seek help when and where they need it. We made the learning process easy with clear, crisp, and to the point content on a wide range of technical subjects without any preconditions and impediments. Our enthusiasts provide easy and in-depth tutorials on various technologies and help users to learn to program more easily. Today many websites charge more amounts for training on each technology, but we aim to educate learners by providing most of the topics for free. We enhance your professional skill and advance your career to the next level.


We provide free tutorials on Java, python, selenium, data science, C#, Hadoop, big data, quality assurance, software testing, data science, database, digital marketing, and more. These tutorials help to master any particular area of study for both the tutor and the group of pupils. So before enrolling, you can check out tutorials and understand the topics.

Where did professionals stick?

Nowadays, technologies are changing. So the professionals and students need to improve their knowledge of the latest trend. While programming getting stuck is quite normal for all the developers. The professionals need to design a solution, implement functionality, and need to work with someone’s code. The more they program and debug, they are more familiar with various kinds of errors. They need to change the programs to solve the issue, but this is frustrating and confusing. So, at this time our tutorials help to clarify the doubts and prevent a lot of confusion. Updating with the new trend is important to survey in the IT field. Our excellent tutorials are very well explained that helps to enhance the knowledge and take the career to the next level.

Why are tutorials important?

Tutorials add another dimension to learning which makes pupils’ educational experience more effective. It is an important teaching-learning tool. Our different perspectives and tools help you to take advantage of it when you are learning. These tutorials also help learners to enhance their intellectual, communication, and social skills. We provide an opportunity to delve deeper into concepts and you can better understand the course material through interaction.

It is important because

  • Hands-on approach
  • Ask questions and easily clarify your doubts
  • Discuss topics and concepts, work through exercises to enhance your understanding of the lecture material
  • Develop your group skills, solve problems in a team, and get to know your peers better
  • Prepare for and/or review midterms and exams
  • Clarify any concepts that you might not understand
  • Practice presentations
  • You can learn easily.

What do we offer?

Professionals and students need to develop and enhance their knowledge. Our team understands the need and provides the tutorials to develop their skills. Our tutorials are easy to learn where we define the information clearly. We ensure to meet a high standard of clarity and set specific learning objectives for the viewer. After watching the tutorial the users understand the concepts clearly.

We design our tutorial ideas flow smoothly from one to the next. So that users can understand the concepts or processes easily.

We deliver the instruction at a comfortable and appropriate pace. We maintain a consistent pace so that users can accelerate as they read.

Prad tutorials provide the proper amount of content by knowing the user’s skill level, prior knowledge and even the level of interest.  

We provide tutorials with real-time examples:

In today’s corporate learning and development, integration of learning with talent management is important. Regular training and development processes are important; our tutorials help to keep intact for the organization to grow. In an organization, training and development is an ongoing process to achieve organizational goals. Our tutorials help to improve the skills and knowledge of employees.

  • You can easily learn while working, tutorials allow learning job requirements.
  • It is a free online tutorial, there is no expense incurred in training on the job
  • We provide hands-on application
  • We encourage and highly motivate
  • You can easily clarify your doubt and actively participate in the job
  • We lead our tutorials by experienced professionals

Are you interested in working with us?

We create awesome tutorials and blogs for our community if you are interested in working with us share your details. Currently, we are looking for people who are passionate about technology. You only need to travel to Hyderabad to join with us.

If you believe

  • Bringing a social change
  • Do more meaningful work
  • Make the world a better place
  • Earn some money on the side         

Learning journey:

We help in your learning journey so that you can learn faster. Our relevant and impactful learning paths help you to achieve the outcomes as you want. Our tutorials and blogs help you to unlock knowledge at your organization.

Any suggestion for us, please let us know:

We would love to listen to your suggestions if you have any feedback or advice to improve the learning experience drop a message or contact us. We are pleased to get your valuable advice to improve our learning experience.

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