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What is black box testing? Techniques and process

Box testing generally refers to an approach that examines the functionality of some specified system. There are exactly 2 divisions of Box testing. They are termed black box testing and white box testing.

The testers to examine the functionalities need excellent knowledge and good skills to create some test case studies for both black box and white box testing.

What exactly is black box testing?

Black box testing is also commonly known as the box or tool for checking the actions, opaque-box, based on some specification, sealed-box, or eye-to-eye.

It is a unique type of computer testing that examines the functionality of an application without requiring any detailed information of the inner structure of the entity being measured and correlates the input value with the gained outcome value.

There are a lot of apps that are evaluated utilizing the black box testing approach. The number of new tests needs to be shielded so that a Black-Box strategy does not detect any of the deficiencies.

What is the complete procedure to carry out the black box testing?

The whole procedure to carry out in this testing is represented below:

  • At first, the software’s parameters and requirements are investigated.
  • To verify that SUT handles them accurately, the tester selects legitimate inputs (positive result scenario). Some false inputs are also picked (negative test scenario) to confirm that they can be recognized by the SUT.
  • For all the specified or gained values of the input, the checker terms the predicted outcomes.
  • The code tester creates test scenarios with the inputs collected.
  • Cases of the experiment are implemented.
  • The real outcomes are contrasted by the software tester with the predicted outcomes.
  • Lastly, if any deficiencies are found then they are solved and are re-tested.

Which are some of the techniques utilized to carry out Behavioural testing?

Many unique ways are involved to carry out this testing efficiently. They are as mentioned below:

  1. Class of Equivalence
  2. Study of Boundary Worth
  3. Guessing of errors
  4. Arrays of Orthogonal
  5. Tables for Decision, etc.

Some of the approaches are elaborated below:

  • Class of equivalence: It is a test design procedure for applications that includes splitting input data into true and false segments and picking representative values as testing data from each division.
  • Guessing of errors: This approach is based on guessing and resolving the input and output script to remove the errors that can be present in the code.
  • Tables for Decision: Reasons and their consequences are inserted in a matrix by a decision table. You can find a unique combination in each specified column.

Which unique software is utilized for carrying out black box testing?

The resources or software used for carrying out an exact black box testing are mentioned below:

  • For the utilization of regression or some functional checks – Selenium, QTC, etc.
  • For the utilization of some tests that are not functional – Jmeter, LoadRunner, etc.


  • There are very few possibilities to generate the positives of false.
  • The accessibility of the written program is not mandatory.
  • It is a perfect adversarial way.
  • Anyone can construct test cases when the needs are fulfilled.


  • Possibilities of threats resides, without any technological or coding skill, of losing possible requirements for the scenario to be reviewed.
  • In reality, only some simple and smaller programs can be tested.
  • The automation is hard.
  • Black box testing is time consuming.

White box v/s Black box testing

Let’s compare the white box testing with the black box to identify the main features that are unique in both procedures. The difference is mentioned below:

Testing of the black boxTesting of the white box
It is a software testing approach in which the overall shape or code or program is secret and nothing about it is revealed.It is a software testing approach in which the checker has information about the software’s physical structure or code or program.
There is low granularity.There is high granularity.
This approach consumes less time.This approach consumes more time comparatively.
It does not have any access to the written code.It has access to the written code.
This approach doesn’t match to carry out the checking of algorithms.This approach match to carry out the checking of algorithms.
The other name for black box-checking is sealed box testing.The other name for white box-checking is clear or transparent box testing.
It is also referred to as testing at higher level.It is also referred to as testing at lower level.
This approach is mainly utilized by the software checkers.This approach is mainly utilized by software builders.
e.g. Procedure of finding some information by utilizing the keywords on Google.e.g. Procedure of putting input data and then examining the whole loop.
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