Python Stack with Examples

Python Stack

The stack in python is a data structure that follows the last in first out (LIFO) manner. That means the last element entered in the stack comes out first. A …

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Python Not Equal Operator with Examples

Python Not Equal Operator

As we all know, there are many operators predefined in Python like logical operators, arithmetic operators, binary operators, identity operators, etc. We are discussing equality operators. The equality operators are …

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Python Deque with Syntax and Examples

Python Deque

Python deque stands for double-ended queues. Deque is generally pronounced as “deck” in normal conversation. Python deque is iterables which allows adding and deleting elements from either side. Python deque …

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Operator overloading in Python

Operator Overloading in Python

An operator is a special character that is used to perform a specific operation on operands. Every operand has provided different functionality like + operator performs addition of two numbers …

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Encapsulation in python

Encapsulation in Python

The encapsulation in python means wrapping the data members and member functions in a single block of code. Encapsulation protects the wrapped data by directly accessing the data from outside …

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