Python Input Function and Print Function

python input function

All programming languages deal with inputs and outputs. A user necessarily has to interact with his program by passing some input to provide some output result. For the python programming language, the program receives python input from the user, transforms them through some algorithm to return some output.  Inputs can come in various shapes or …

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Python Break Statement with Examples

python break statement

Using loops is an essential part of coding. They help you iterate a task a given condition is fulfilled. But situations may arise where you may skip one iteration, ignore one iteration, or exit from the loop completely. These processes can be done using Python continue statement, python pass statement, and the break statement respectively. …

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Python Zip Function: A Comprehensive Guide

python zip function

The python zip function is a built-in python function that merges the elements of an iterator object to another iterable object and returns a tuple object. In other words, the zip function in python maps the elements of two or more iterables based on its index and returns its aggregation. If you don’t know what …

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What is python used for and why?

Our world revolves around the development. development of humans which leads to technological progress, and this, in turn, results in new innovations and programming advancements. Our entire lives are governed by technology in the modern era, the technological devices becoming an attachment to our limb. This is an insightful indicator of the extent to which …

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