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Features of Python Programming Language

Python was developed by Guido Van Russom in 1980 from ABC programming language. In 1994, Guido added Object-oriented programming concepts in python.

Python 1.0 was launched in 1994 with OOP concepts. The features like list comprehension, garbage collector were added in the python. With these features python, 2.0 was launched in 2000. In 2008, python 3.0 was launched with huge changes. Before 3.0, the python had a complicated syntax and some hard things to learn. Now, python is used in every field.

It is a high-level programming language and provides many features. It is an object-oriented as well as an interpreted language. Also, python is a readable language, everyone can read the code and understand it easily. One of the best things about it is dynamic memory allocation. Python allocates the memory dynamically which will avoid memory wastage. 

Python is a multipurpose programming language that is used for making various types of applications. It supports data science and that is the main reason for the popularity of python in every field. Not only data science but python supports many platforms like web-based applications, window-based applications, artificial intelligence-based applications, etc.

Features of python programming 

Python provides many useful features that make it popular and simple. Python has a simple body structure and simple syntax. Some of the key features of python are listed below.

1. Python is easy to use as well as learn

Python is a high-level programming language used for multiple purposes. As compared to c, c++ and, java python is easy to learn because of its short syntax and simple structure. Anyone can learn basic python in a few hours. A new programmer can start learning programming with python languages as it is user friendly language.

2. Python is highly readable

Python has all keywords in English. Anyone can read it and understand for what purpose it is written. This is one of the reasons for python language popularity.

3. Object oriented

It is easy to make complex codes with an object oriented programming language. Python is an object oriented language which supports all concepts of OOP.

4. No data types

Python uses a Unicode system that will allow the user to declare a variable without specifying it’s a data type. That means you can store a string and integer in one variable.

5. Dynamic memory allocation

It allocates the memory dynamically. The programmer need not allocate to the variables of the data accepted from the user. It is one of the main features of python.

6. Free open source

Python is free worldwide.  Everyone can download it from www.python.org and can download its source code without paying money. Python has a very large community that works on Python libraries, functions, etc. Also, they improve the language for further use. Anyone can contribute to this community. 

7. Python has GUI support

Python supports the windows based application. It has many libraries which are used to build desktop application like PyQT5, Tkinter, etc. This feature of python makes it valuable.

8. Support of Data science

As we know, Data science is a growing field worldwide. Many programming languages support data science but the simple structure and short syntax hold the developer’s eye on python. Python has many libraries for data science and machine learning like matplot, NumPy, TensorFlow, PyTorch, etc.  

9. Python provides large standard libraries

Python has a wide range of libraries written in c language which are used for all purposes. In those libraries, many modules are predefined. Also, These libraries provide access to system functionality. We just need to call it and it will give the output.

10. Python is interpreted language

It uses an interpreter to execute code. Python does need to use the compiler. Python does need to use the compiler. The interpreter executed code line by line. Due to this, debugging is easier. Python does not convert source code into binary code. It converts the source code into bytecode. We can use the bytecode on any other computer as well as platform. Still it will work properly. 

11. Python supports all operating systems

Python supports all the platforms. So we can easily use python on Windows, Linux, or Mac OS without facing any exception.

12. Python is Expressive language

You can write complex code in python using a few numbers of lines. Python uses indentation pattern in code. There will be no curly braces to specify a block of code. 

 13. Python is Extensible

If you want some code to do specific functions you can write it in other languages like c and c++ and simply link it with the python code. 

The above are features of python programming that make it a powerful programming language used for multiple purposes.

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