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How long does it take to learn Java?

Java is a vast language with its features, functionality, and support to libraries such as Google Guava, JAXB. Java was the most sought language 7-8 years back because of its rich use in programming for multiple applications and purposes. As now we are moving ahead with time, Java is still one of the most popular languages of the decade. The new version of Java in the market is Java8 which offers multiple new features and advantages such as I/O enhancements, library-related to date and time, lambda expressions, and many more. The question such as how long does it take to learn Java does not matter when the person is completely committed to learning Java with patience and hard work

Java programming language is best known for the following reasons:

  • Object-oriented approach
  • High-level programming language
  • Cross functionality
  • Platform independent
  • Support to libraries
  • Compatibility with other languages such as Ruby.
  • Multithreading(Handling all subprocesses together)

It takes around 1 – 1.5 years or less to go from novice to pro in Java programming language. The process of learning Java programming language takes time and effort. Consistency and deeply learning the topics will be favorable things for learners. It also depends on the pace with which you are proceeding ahead with your Java lessons. Everyone has a different pace, so it goes according to the time taken for learning topics. At last how well and you have learned your Java lesson will matter. So here are a few things that will help you learn Java and keep you motivated throughout the journey.

Key points to remember while learning Java

  • Consistency – Consistency is required in whatever thing we are learning or aspire to learn. Learning java also requires effort and following a routine to learn it greatly.
  • Discipline – Discipline helps in avoiding distraction and keep focusing on learning Java. Learning with discipline is very different from learning with a careless attitude.
  • Hard work- Applying 100% hard work in learning java will surely save you extra time in learning Java. As we know Hard Work beats talent, so keep hustling for learning Java; with a clear mindset.
  • Practice more and more – Practicing more and more is the key to success. Practicing Java code will make your knowledge more valuable and efficient.
  • Never give up attitude – Sometimes learner during learning feels fed up and starts thinking about giving up. But this is not what successful coders do, instead, they just put more effort or take some short break and then start again with full energy. This is what one must do while learning Java.
  • Updated knowledge – Keeping yourself updated with new editions and developments in Java will surely help you in keeping your knowledge updated or up to the mark.

How to learn Java?

Learning Java is not a very complex task but it requires consistency and self-practice to ace it. There are a few steps or things that can be followed to learn Java systematically. 

1. Start learning from basics – Being new to the Java language, requires covering up topics from the start and scaling up things accordingly. Core Java(J2SE) consists of topics such as Introduction to variables, functions, Understanding loops, Object-oriented programming(OOPS) based topics and exception handling, etc. The grip on the syntax and structure of defining statements, functions, classes will be a great thing to do for a novice Java learner. 

2. Start covering advanced topics – Brush up on previous topics and pay more attention towards understanding advanced topics or Advance Java (JEE). Advanced Java consists of topics such as Session management, servlets, socket programming, network, etc. Libraries and framework support such as hibernate, a strut is also there in Java.

3. Start solving coding problems – After learning all the topics in Java, start implementing that knowledge while solving coding problems using Java. It would be utterly useful in understanding the details of the Java language. It would ultimately help in solving complex coding problems easily with the help of Java. The learner can also use online Java code practicing websites to sharpen their coding skills. Use Google to know more about such websites and start practicing consistently.

4. Online/Offline workshops, mentoring sessions – Registering yourself to online/offline workshops will be an additional advantage. These sessions guide you more about the current scenario or future prospectus of programming language. These sessions surely add to your knowledge pipeline.

5. Java certificate training – Get certified in Java in short-term courses or long-term courses. It would help in adding more points to your Java learning. Java certificates can also help you in showcasing your skills to recruiters and help you in getting a job.

Resources to learn Java

1. Online websites such as Pradtutorials, Geekforgeeks, Sololearn, Hackerrank, HackerEarth, Journaldev, sand foundry, Java2novice, JavaTpoint, Javaranch, and many more to learn Java.

2. Books – Beginning programming with Java for Dummies, Effective Java by Joshua Bloch, HeadFirstJava by Kathy Sierra, etc.

2. Online blogs such as JavaWorld, JavaDeep, The JavaSource, JavaCodeGeeks, JavaAWS developer Blog, Mkyong.com, etc.


Can anyone learn Java within 1-2 months?

NO, it is not possible to learn Java within such a small period. It at least requires a long time around 8-10 months to go completely through Java topics whether it is core java or advance java or trying out hands-on Java libraries. You need to follow a complete roadmap to assure thorough learning of Java.

Can anyone learn Java?

Yes, anyone who can learn Java who has an interest in coding or programming language. It would be a very interesting journey to learn java with all fun and dedication.

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