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What is java used for?

Java was designed by James Gosling. Java is a general-purpose and high-level programming language. The aspects which make Java different from the league are object-oriented and class-based approaches. Java is statically coded or binded in the programming world. Earlier it has been known as oak but later its name was changed to Java. Java uses are numerous which helps in developing better applications.

How did it come into existence?

The main goal of designing the Java language was the requirement of language which can work efficiently on appliances. But it could not have been possible at that time. But the byproduct which came into existence was the programming language Java. It was developed under the company “Sun Microsystem”. After a few years, it was acquired by Oracle systems. 

Java Syntax

public class Main
	public static void main(String[] args) {
		System.out.println("I am learning Java");


I am learning Java

Explanation of syntax

The above-specified class is the main class in the program. An instruction right below indicates the main method. The “Public” keyword is an access modifier that specifies who can access the main method. The “Static” keyword helps in saving memory by JVM(Java virtual environment) calling directly to the main method without the creation of an object. The “Void” keyword indicates that the main method does not return anything. The main method indicates the beginning of the java program. String[] args are passed into the main program. It is an array consisting of strings or characters. String[] args is similar to string args[].

Java feature enabling its use in applications

1. Portable – Java codes are portable in their application. After converting the code into bytecode, this bytecode can run on different machines enabling java as the language which can be comfortably used for application development.

2. Multithreaded – When two processes can run at the same time in a program then the program is called to be multithreaded. Multithreading is useful in many ways such as saving memory, Avoiding prolonged unnecessary stress on machines. Multithreading is a must feature for the development of hybrid applications.

3. Secure – Java codes are secure in application development because java code before compile goes through different stages. First of all, it is converted into bytecode then at last it is compiled. These stages make java code more secure and useful.

4. Flexible – Java is considered to be a flexible language because its property can be easily modified depending on the requirements. Flexibility also ensures that it can be used appropriately with the evolving syntax of programming language.

What is java used for?

Java is widely used for several applications. We will study them in detail.

1. Mobile application development

  • Java is the most preferred language used for mobile application development. Few features make it suitable for mobile application development.
  • Java is platform independent – Java works on the principle of “Write once run anywhere”. Platform independence helps a lot in mobile application development. It is supported in various android mobile applications.
  • Java is an extensible and flexible language that ultimately helps in building mobile applications.
  • Easy to maintain – Java is one of the languages which helps in maintaining the apps built using it very easily. Maintenance cost is also not very high.

2. Game development

Java is also used as a programming language for game development. It is also an option other than the most preferred language such as C++ for game development. Java can be an option for 2 Dimensional(2D) development. It can be used in both android and web game applications. 

3. Web application development

Java can also be used for web application development. With the support of different libraries such as hibernate, spring boot. Servlets(server-side programs) contribute significantly to managing web requests.

4. Enterprise applications

Enterprise Java is different from core Java. It uses collections of API such as JTA, JSF, and application servers such as Tomcat, etc. These servers are used to implement those API.

5. Distributed applications

Java is also used in distributed systems widely. Distributed systems mean the presence of different devices or computers over the same network. These devices act coherently or incoherently based on the demand from the client-side or conditions according to the server-side.

6. Space devices

Java has also been used in devices used for the exploration of different aspects and objects of space. The first time it was used b NASA scientists was in “Maestro science activity Planner”.

7. New-age Technology

Advance technologies such as IoT(Internet of things) and cloud also use Java because of its scalability and extensibility. Java helps in devices connecting across the network and handling further processes easily. Java applications can work in the cloud. These features truly fit Java as a useful language across multiple domains

List of major applications using Java

  • Amazon
  • Spotify
  • Linkedin
  • Kotlin
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • VLC media player


Can Java be used across different platforms?

No, Java is specific to particular platforms but it is not necessary that it would fit up into all platforms. It does support libraries, but again that is not the criteria for Java to be used across different platforms. Java is used mainly for mobile application development but also it is not a preferred language for data science. So it can be concluded that it depends on the requirement that which language can be used for that particular application. Many applications have used java as the building language such as Amazon, Twitter, etc.

Is Java still popular in today’s world?

Of Course yes, Java has not lost its glory even after the arrival of many languages. It is still considered to be the best object-oriented or class-based programming language. Its features such as robustness, flexibility, scalability add points for its successful existence still now. Java has been one of the most successful programming languages since its creation. Java use in android applications is still full-fledged and we know the importance of mobile apps in day-to-day life. So, Yes Java is still one of the most popular languages in today’s world.

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