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WWAN – Wireless Wide Area Network

We have often seen that people connect their laptops and PCs wireless. However, there are two ways by which you can connect them. One is Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) and another is Wireless Wide Area Network (WWAN). But what exactly is it? What is its use? Thus your all such and many more questions regarding wwan will have answers through this article. In this article, you will get to know what is wwan? What are its uses? What is wwan technology and so on. You can say that wwan is a small thing that contains large geographic areas. 

What is Wireless Wide Area Network?

In the computer field we often hear about the wireless wan and wireless local networks. 

Wwan is the form of a wireless network. There is a difference between Wireless Wide Area Network (WWAN) and Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN). Wireless wan differs from WLAN due to mobile communications as it uses 2G,3G,4G mobile networks to transfer the data.  Wwan technologies are offered nationwide or even across global. A person who is always on travel, can get connected to the internet with superfast and safe connections. However,it is provided that you have wwan card installed in your laptop or PCs. 

WWAN technology has three other components. You can even say there are three families for the WWAN. They are GSM or UMTS; WiMAX; CDMA one or CDMA2000. It is also expected that Wireless WAN will have good days because 4G is about to expire.Therefore, there can be more golden days for the wwan technologies. A wireless wan can be small in size with low power and lesser bit rate. But it carries a lot more information.

What are the uses of wwan technologies?

Wireless Wan looks like your mobile phone. However, you can carry it wherever you wish. It has various subscription plans to avail it.

Wireless wan has various uses. A person with wwan cards can check his mails, surf on the web using wireless wide area networks. You can even connect to a virtual private network from wherever you wish. Usually, wwan services are useful for smartphones because of the cellular connectivity. As we told earlier it uses 2G to 5G connectivity some other mobile devices also use this technology. 

You can even purchase wwan cards just like you purchase Wi-fi cards. You can use this anywhere you find useful. Besides that WWAN provides better safety over the WLAN. This security is due to built-in 128-bit encryption. Wireless wan is very useful for those who are away from home but need to connect virtually. You can even get coverage from region wise to global via wwan.

It can be used in areas where earthquakes have taken place or any natural calamity have taken place. Because there won’t be any network systems. On such ground, wireless wan comes into the picture. It becomes very much handy in those situations. People from the rescue operation team can use this technology to trace out the people. 

What are wwan cards and what are their uses?

A wwan card is nothing but a component of the wireless wide area technology. You need to install this card on your laptop, PCs, or mobile. However, after installing the same the system will try to connect you to the virtual world. With the use of this card, you can connect yourself to the internet from anywhere. Suppose you are traveling and in need to surf something on the web. It will become easier with a wwan card. Because it will help you to connect to the virtual world. You can even have a wwan compatible laptop to avoid all such things. In that way, you will get a connection within the blink of seconds.

Some other benefits of the wwan technologies.

Wireless wan is a boon of science. We have seen various uses of this technology as well. However, here are some extraordinary benefits which you can get through the wwan. For instance suppose, you have lost your laptop. But you have installed encryption, so whenever a person other than your power on the laptop, it will erase all the data. This way you can remain safe with all the technical glitches. It gives you the best protection from data theft. As we know that, radio communications do not have more physical safety or secure connection paths. Therefore wwan have an encrypted method to carry information. 

There are three WWAN technologies

  1. Mobile Telephony Networks
  2. Low power and low range wireless networks
  3. Wireless Satellite Networks

These are the three technologies which came under the WWAN. However it has a wide scope in the wireless wan systems. 


Do I need a sim card to avail the wwan?

In simple words, yes. If you have to run wwan then a sim card is required so as to activate the data.

What’s the basic difference between wwan & wlan?

WWAN is subjected to a wide area whereas WLAN is subjected to a local area. This is the basic yet important difference between these two systems

Is it necessary to have WWAN in your laptop?

Yes, you will require WWAN on your laptop. Because without that, you won’t be able to use WWAN internet connection.

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